Our Services


All Creatures Pet Hospital maintains a complete veterinary pharmacy at our facility to serve the medicinal needs of the pet companions in the Gardendale, Fultondale, and Birmingham areas of Alabama. Every product we carry is individually selected by Dr. Hankes for both safety and effectiveness. Our veterinary medical stock includes essentially everything your pet may need, ranging from antibiotics and dermatology products to flea, tick, heartworm preventatives, and pain relief.

There are numerous advantages to using our pharmacy at All Creatures Pet Hospital, including the following:

  • Our products are available to your pet at the end of their visit so they can begin treatment right away, as opposed to having to wait for delivery from an online pharmacy or an additional trip to a retail store.
  • We continually compare our prices to online pharmacies and big box stores, and our products often cost the same or less.
  • The prices of our products do not include hidden shipping fees found at many online retailers.
  • Our practice receives each product directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor, meaning our medications are guaranteed to be safe and effective by the maker of the drug, unlike most online pharmacies and retail outlets.
  • If your pet has a weight gain or loss, their medication levels must be adjusted accordingly. Our hospital makes these changes as needed for your pet.
  • There have been recent cases of counterfeit veterinary products sold both online and to retail locations. The medications at All Creatures Pet Hospital have been purchased directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor and are guaranteed to be authentic.

Regardless of the medical needs of your precious pet, you will find the proper medication at our practice. Please call one of our caring professionals at 205-631-6210 to become a part of the All Creatures Pet Hospital family today!